Creativity inspired by experience.

At Split Screen Productions we bring your TV ad, corporate video production, online content or film to life with passion, creativity and almost 30 years of the best production expertise in Western Australia.

Whether you’re in WA or elsewhere, our extensive knowledge of shooting requirements and utterly stunning locations means we do all the leg work to bring everything together for you, on time and on budget. And usually with more than a dash of fun too!

Even better, because we bring in only the specific creative and production resources your project needs, you’re not covering traditional overhead costs. At Split Screen, quality and efficiency matter!

The right partner to tell your story.

At Split Screen we work with a legendary team of freelance professionals brimming with creative flair.

From directors with storytelling in their DNA, to editors, animators, sound engineers and composers, your project is in experienced hands.

We take pride in all we do – from location sourcing to post production – to craft your TV ad, video or film into a compelling, powerful end product that works.

Split Screen makes it happen

20+ Years in Business

International & Interstate Project Management

30 Years’ Production Experience

Crew Facilitation Services

Location Specialist in Western Australia

Exceptional Quality & Professionalism

Freelance Model for Focus & Efficiencies

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Want a production team who can walk a flock of geese through a casino? Find performing guinea pigs? Put a camera-man underwater? Source a crowd on the spot for your shoot? We’re known for production where (almost) anything is possible. We take care of every last detail, so our team can focus all creative attention on capturing the very best vision for you. Professionalism and fun on a shoot? Absolutely! Split Screen shoots are known for being calm, organised, running like clockwork and fun.

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What our clients say

  • Everyone made mention of how well taken care of, professional, and enjoyable your team was to work with. Your expertise and attitude made for one of the best experiences with an outside production company anywhere in the world. I can't thank you enough for making me look so smart.

    David Sanger Supervising Producer - bgC3, Los Angeles / Seattle
  • Always on time, on budget, on vision, and way above expectation.

    Jo Bulline Trilogy Marketing & Advertising - Director
  • Lee and her team went out of their way to ensure we had a successful shoot. Everything was planned out and executed down to the smallest detail. Highly recommended to anyone who is looking for a fixer in Perth.

    Juliana Foo Executive Producer Filmscape, Malaysia
  • Exploring WA on a travel assignment, I found myself constantly grateful for the Split Screen team’s local expertise, kindness and insider access, without which doing my job would have been near-impossible and a lot less fun. I would wholeheartedly recommend working with them!

    Jennifer B. Franklin Freelancer for USA Today and Toyota
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