Directors & Crew Management

Directing your script with skill

At Split Screen we work with a hugely talented pool of outstanding and professional directors. Based on your project brief, we’ll find the director who is best to deliver your message or create the emotion and impact you want to achieve.

Among our directors are those who are known for bringing out performance in professional and amateur actors. There are those with a sense of story, those who understand humour, and those who are comfortable up close and personal in interviews. We’ll find the best-fit director to breathe life into your script.

Get to know some of our directors here

Peter Aquilina

Peter brings over 35 years of international experience, with multiple awards for his commercial direction, post production and photography. Born in London, Peter his experienced in shooting throughout Asia, USA and UK. He’s a worked as TV commercial director in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia and Singapore. His broad skills include post production, on-line/off-line editing, film production, plus talent and technical direction. He was founder and co-owner of Cineray & Blu-post Asia, and he’s a board member of ID films. Peter’s notable clients include: Sanyo, Yamaha, Honda, Sapporo, Coca Cola, Viettel, Red bull, Nokia, JVC and MasterCard.

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