Location Scouting

Finding the perfect spot

Split Screen is known as the specialist in location scouting and management teams across our vast and diverse Western Australian state. With so many unique places, the possibilities are endless.

We know the landscape like the back of our hand. So send us your ideas, and we can find the perfect location for an unforgettable backdrop to your video. And we’ll manage all the legal and logistical stuff for you to ensure you have the ideal natural canvas to inspire your project.

Our Australian cities and landscapes can double for most regions in the world, making Australia a favourite among location scouting professionals. Think the outback, crisp white beaches and tropical islands, marinas, suburban streets, sand dunes, arid deserts, spectacular waterfalls and lakes, tropical jungles, cosmopolitan cities … whatever you need, Split Screen will find the perfect location!

Talk to us. We know all the amazing locations and we’ll manage your shoot there.

See some of the stunning locations we’ve scouted and helped others to shoot in.

Chat to Lee about your production needs.

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