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When it comes to finding the ideal location to shoot your film, documentary or TV ad, Western Australia offers more choice than you can possibly imagine. Or in local Aussie lingo: more choice than you can poke a stick at!

This vast state covering 2.646 million square kilometres is made up of ancient landscapes that traverse a huge range of geographic regions. That means your location options are exceptionally versatile.

Better still, the Split Screen team (and our Producer Lee in particular) knows WA like the back of their hands. Read just a handful of our success stories that sprung from Splitties’ ability to find the perfection location.

When USA today’s Chris Sweigart spent 8 days filming with us in the breathtakingly beautiful north of Western Australia, he casually mentioned having been told WA was dangerous due to its sharks, snakes, spiders and scorpions. Lee recalls Chris’ utter hilarity at discovering that we refer to certain WA trees as “Widow Makers” because their randomly falling branches can also be dangerous! The shoot went without any hazardous hitches and the outcome was spectacular.

Of course, the great advantage of having such a big state is that there is room for everyone and anything, and space to find what you want. That’s exactly what Split Screen does: you give us the brief and we’ll search out the location for you.

Crews who have filmed in WA with us have not only come for the spectacular vision of our iconic tourist spots, or the endless blue skies and mind-blowing sunsets. The Split Screen team has sourced locations as varied as those representing New York streetscapes, rolling English hillsides, and French wineries, to name just a few.

When Moviola Singapore was seeking a Scandinavian looking house and exterior, we found exactly what they needed – in the Perth hills. This ensured they could complete the job on budget, saving massive travel costs and time journeying to Scandinavia. With Perth a mere seven to eight hours away, it made perfect sense.

Perth and Western Australia Being in the same or very similar time zones is an additional advantage for Asian companies wanting to shoot here and use us as their local contact. Planning and communication is smooth, and flight times are modest, with no jet-lag to contend with.

Above all, the uniqueness of WA’s destinations is the location drawcard. From pristine white sandy beaches overlooking crystal clear turquoise oceans, to craggy gorges, lofty forests, picturesque wineries, sweeping outback bush, and friendly, fascinating wildlife, our WA is a place that will naturally inspire you.

Split Screen knows Western Australia better than most, and we have contacts spread across every town and region. This means we can find your perfect location, AND we know the best and most affordable way to get there. Shoot with Split Screen and you’re in totally competent hands – in the city or in the bush.

By the way, we’re very well versed in “dangerous” critters, so you can leave that in our safe hands too! Give Lee a call or drop her an email and let’s find your WA piece of filming paradise.

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